HIPAA Risk Assessments

Compliance is More than a Checklist

Compliance is more than a Checklist

With Regulatory Compliance Standards becoming more stringent, HIPAA Regulators specifically are stepping up audits and imposing larger fines and penalties for non-compliance and data breaches.  Regulated Covered Entities and Business Associates are realizing the need for a greater focus on security and regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Loricca?

There are varying levels of compliance solutions available to your organization. Simple checklists and other preset tools can promise conformance for cheap. At Loricca, we believe that the compliance solutions must be tailored to the organization, the structure, and the data being protected.

Loricca’s Adaptive Interviewing Process (AIP) allows us to go deeper and to uncover potential weaknesses in your organization’s compliance and standards that would not be noticed using a ready made, cookie cutter solution.  Our process allows your company to go “above and beyond” regulatory compliance to achieve a higher level of security for your sensitive data.

Work with an Established, Dedicated IT Security Firm

IT Security companies “pop up” and stay for a year or two, then leave this vertical in consulting to pursue other areas of focus. Often “security experts” come from within other types of consulting companies. Expansion into IT Security or Compliance Services is often an effort to grow business more than a reflection of expertise or dedication to the needs of their clients.

Our team at Loricca has been committed to IT and Information Security for over 20 years.  We are happy to share with you a (confidential) record of past performance to provide reassurance that your are investing not only in the right firm, but also investing wisely in your organization and the protection of your sensitive data.

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