Empower your Employees with

Security Awareness Training

Help employees recognize and respond to threats, enhancing their ability to protect themselves and their organization from cyberattacks.

security awareness training



Security awareness training is essential to a preventative security strategy, potentially stopping disasters before they begin.

Security Awareness Training

ROI of security awareness training for small businesses is 69%, with large businesses seeing a whopping 562% ROI

Security Awareness Training

73% of organizations view strong cybersecurity as a major contributor to business success

co-managed Security awareness training

We want to help you implement the comprehensive security training necessary to empower your entire team with the knowledge to identify security threats and become an active component of your security defense strategies.

69 percent of users across the US and Europe, admitted to sharing their passwords and account logins with colleagues. And, according to the Ponemon Institute, users reuse the same login and password for an average of 5 accounts, business and personal.

Only robust and ongoing security awareness training for employees can protect your business in the face of rapidly increasing and evolving cyberthreats.  Our security awareness training programs are interactive and cover every learning gap to ensure your first line of cyber defense is ready to tackle any threat

Can your employees spot a phishing or ransomware email?

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