Security Risk Assessments

Safeguarding your company’s sensitive data has never been more important, especially when new reports suggest that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

A Risk Assessments is essential for understanding your organization’s cybersecurity program maturity level. They are the first step in ensuring the security of sensitive information is to conduct a complete, comprehensive risk assessment, to evaluate the threats, weaknesses, and necessary steps to protect your company, employees, and customers data.  This is why HIPAA regulations require a security risk assessment.   You cannot protect your data if you don’t know where your risks are.

Loricca’s security risk assessments are built on industry best practices and years of experience.  Designed to identify the risks, validate adherence to policies, and determine if ePHI is adequately protected.

Our Compliance Management Tool provides the information your team needs to address compliance and manage risks going forward.   Take the threat of “willful negligence” off the table through our HIPAAView Methodology.

With an average of 25 years experience, our team has performed thousands of risk assessments for organizations across the country. Assisting with the elimination of security gaps in their IT systems and development of customized workforce awareness trainings to reduce risk. Our customers routinely tell us that our Actionable Findings Report is the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand assessment report they’ve seen.

our security risk assessment strategy

      • Support for  HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, FISMA, HITRUST, NIST, ISO27001, GDRP, and NIST 800-171
      • Determine overall security posture (technical, administrative, and physical)
      • Include network penetration testing and vulnerability analysis
      • Document threats and vulnerabilities with operations and IT security
      • Review corporate policies and procedures
      • Review DRP (disaster recovery plan) and business continuity plan
      • Provide detailed findings and recommendations with prioritized next steps
      • Include knowledge transfer with key personnel and management presentation of findings

Contact us to learn more about our fast timelines and how our Actionable Findings Report focuses on quality, not quantity.

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