Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics Services

Computer Forensic Services

Loricca’s computer forensics (or cyber forensics) service supports organizations involved in regulatory enforcement, law enforcement, legal or civil proceedings. Law firms and other clients in various public and private vertical markets need computer forensics help to conduct electronic discovery and thorough analysis of digital evidence contained within data storage devices, mobile devices, computer/device memory cards, desktops, servers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, etc.

This information is essential for figuring out what happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who was involved. This includes active data, archived data (backup tapes, CD’s, hard drives, etc.) and ambient/latent data (requiring specialized tools to access data which may have been deleted or partially overwritten).

Computer forensics may also pertain to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media.  Loricca’s computer forensics service examines digital media to identify, extract, preserve (or recover), document, analyze and interpret the information gathered to find out exactly what happened on a particular computing device and who was responsible for it. The practice involves similar tools and techniques and processes used in data recovery but additional guidelines are followed and prescribed steps are taken to ensure that a detailed audit trail is created and maintained.

Scope of Computer Forensic Services

The scope of computer forensics analysis can vary from elementary information retrieval to an extensive process of reconstructing a series of events within the system. Loricca’s computer forensics process includes:

  • The isolation of an affected device to avoid further contamination;
  • The recovery of deleted files;
  • A review of stored data, the Windows registry, hidden folders, and unallocated disk space;
  • Cross-drive analysis that correlates information found on multiple hard drives; and
  • Live analysis through examination of computers within the operating system environment using commercial and open source tools along with existing system administration tools.

All issue-by-issue evidence found by Loricca is documented in a detailed Findings Report and can be used in proceedings that require discovery, analysis, depositions and litigation.  Documentation is kept throughout an engagement, from start to finish, ensuring ‘chain of custody’ control as well as all steps and actions taken during the data discovery and analysis.  Loricca counsels with its law firm partners across the country regarding any applicable Rules of Evidence pertinent to the situation or locale that must be taken into consideration.

Loricca’s experts are often called upon to investigate who may be responsible for a misuse of computer systems, who committed a crime using a computer system, who breached a computer system and gained unauthorized access, or simply to perform root cause analysis on a computer system that has failed or is not operating properly.

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