Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning

Effective Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), as a component of business continuity planning, will help you ensure the security of your staff and visitors in the event of a crisis. Our Business Impact Analysis and other services help mitigate financial, physical and operational risk to improve your company’s ability to respond to a crisis.

The primary objective of Loricca’s DRP program is to help our clients plan an effective response to allow their business operations to continue under adverse conditions. In the event of a crisis, the response plans are implemented  alongside the execution of appropriate risk management steps.

Loricca utilizes methodologies and processes that are based on the standards and best practices prescribed by Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International) to craft a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. Loricca incorporates proprietary processes in Business Continuity Planning to provide a framework for assessing, documenting and mitigating possible business impacts.

Loricca has the industry experience and knowledge that is required to develop, implement, and validate a thorough Business Continuity Program for the protection of organizational data and enterprise operations. Let Loricca prepare your organization with a comprehensive Business Continuity Program that integrates all of the necessary procedures required to execute contingency operations effectively.

Business Continuity Plan Review

For businesses with existing Business Continuity Program and Disaster Recovery plans, Loricca can review current strategies, documentation and plan readiness. We evaluate these based on industry standards and best practices and recommend improvements to help ensure successful continued operations in the face of an unexpected crisis.

Contact Loricca TodayLoricca’s Business Continuity Planning services can provide your enterprise with the expert support you need to be prepared for unforeseen events/disasters and to sustain critical business functions.  To learn how we can help your organization plan for its greatest time of need, please contact us today.