Data Risk Assessment


If you aren’t 100% certain where all of your data is, how can you be sure it is protected?

Find that ePHI

Loricca’s Data Risk Assessment (eDiscovery) service helps organizations locate certain business-critical or protected information within their IT systems and networks.

Utilize a Data Risk Assessment through eDiscovery and protect your Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Loricca will perform PII searches to identify and protect sensitive data on systems, computers, and servers. These searches will reveal possible preventative and remedial measures that should be taken to secure and protect this data. We can identify occurrences of Social Security Numbers (SSNs), credit card numbers, information designated as ‘protected’ and other types of sensitive data.

Loricca can perform a Data Risk Assessment on any digital information or data that is created, stored or processed/utilized in an electronic form with digital technology.

Protect and Restrict Access to PII/ePHI

Once Loricca has identified the sensitive personal information maintained by the organization, the client is able to securely encrypt, shred, redact or quarantine the data.  Regular monitoring and auditing of employee access to personal information will allow compliance officers to ensure that the comprehensive information security program is operating in a manner reasonably calculated to prevent unauthorized access to or unauthorized use of personal information. Loricca assists IT/network administrators to enforce secure access control measures that restrict access to records and files containing personal information to those who need such information to perform their job duties.

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