Incident Response

Advanced Planning and a Quick Response are Keys to Effectively
Managing a Data Breach or Security Incident

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A Data or Privacy Breach can

  • damage your corporate reputation,
  • reduce customer confidence, and
  • cost thousands, even millions in remediation, legal damages, and regulatory penalties.

A devastating IT security incident can come from a malicious attack or a simple oversight by an unwitting employee. You have to look no further than breaking news almost daily to see why most experts believe it is not “if” but “when” your organization will find itself responding to a security incident.

Incident Response Planning

A security incident of some magnitude is inevitable. Eventually, every organization has to react to investigate evidence that a breach may have occurred if not react to an actual breach. Planning for a possible security lapse puts you one step ahead of the attack or incident. In the event of a breach, a well-documented response plan that was in place prior to the event and was well executed once a breach was detected can be a mitigating factor for compliance, regulatory, or legal costs that may result. A client who has engaged Loricca to assist with the development of a thorough incident response plan before an incident has occurred has the peace of mind that comes with being proactive and prepared. Our clients also have the reassurance that, when an incident arises, our team is also prepared to act quickly to assist in containing the problem, recovering data, implementing appropriate security controls and additional safeguards and, if necessary, returning systems to compliance.

Incident Response Plan Testing

As part of helping clients create an effective incident response plan, we help test the new plan and re-test when significant changes are made to the systems or within the organization. Clients can be confident that they are prepared and our team is ready to respond.

Incident Response

Loricca’s Incident Response team focuses on:

  • Operational continuity following the detection of a breach or incident.
  • The mitigation and minimization of financial, physical, and operational losses.
  • In-depth forensics and data discovery/recovery.
  • Collaboration with legal counsel to determine the legal obligation under applicable breach notice laws.
  • A customized project plan for additional recovery and remediation.
  • A thorough Risk Assessment as necessary to evaluate ongoing risks and regain compliance.

Contact us to begin the Incident Response Planning process. If you have discovered that your company may have been the victim of an attack or an internal security breach may have occurred, please do not hesitate, contact us today.

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