IT Security Policies and Implementation

Security Policies and ImplementationIT Security Policies and Implementation

Your organization’s security measures are only as strong as the effort that is made to implement and maintain them. Strong policies and a culture that reinforces the importance of strict adherence to the policies and procedures supports all your other IT security efforts.

On the other hand, weak policies or inconsistent implementation can undermine even the most sophisticated security measures. Several studies have pinpointed human error, failure to understand and follow stated polices, or lack of strong policies as the root cause of most IT security breaches.

It is not enough to put a strong IT infrastructure in place without training everyone in the company not to do things that can undermine those safeguards. Loricca would be remiss to provide world class security solutions without providing our clients the support to build strong policies and procedures, implement them effectively, and train employees to follow them. Depending on the needs of the client, we can address issues and gaps related to:

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