Security Testing

Network Vulnerability

Ethical Hacking

It is impossible to ensure the security of the data accessible via your network without a clear picture of its strengths and its weaknesses and an understanding of the threats you face.

Regularly scheduled vulnerability assessments provide an overview of the changing threat landscape, the risks and potential hazards. Loricca can guide you through the process to properly safeguard any weak or exposed areas. As a general rule, a vulnerability assessment should be performed quarterly. The vulnerability assessment is even a condition of regulatory compliance for some companies. Whether required by federal regulation or not, regular vulnerability testing is a vital part of maintaining IT security.

“How Do These Cyber Criminals Hack My Network?”

Tactics and tools of cyber criminals are continuously evolving. Their efforts to compromise your network and steal your data are relentless. To help mitigate and manage this risk, Loricca can assess the threats you face and recommend appropriate security controls/safeguards to protect your company.

Loricca is a security-focused, business-minded IT solutions provider with over 25 years of experience. The latest industry accepted state-of-the-art tools, along with specialized manual testing procedures are administered by our senior security analysts. Each analyst holds expertise in protecting IT networks and sensitive business data through a wide breadth of knowledge and key security certifications.

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