Manage your risk assessment.

Safeguarding your company’s sensitive data is of critical importance. Risks and threats to your information and your network increase every day. Your first step to ensuring the security of sensitive and protected information is to conduct a complete, comprehensive risk assessment to evaluate the threats, areas of weakness, and necessary steps you must take to protect the company, your employees, and customers.

Loricca’s assessment Findings and Recommendations report provides your company’s leadership with the necessary information to minimize risk, prioritize remediation steps, increase security awareness among the staff and improve the overall security of your IT systems and business critical data.

The Loricca Risk Assessment Team has assisted hundreds of organizations across the country to eliminate the security gaps in their IT systems and networks, and has developed customized workforce awareness training to reduce risk. Our customers routinely tell us that our Findings and Recommendations report is the most comprehensive, easy to understand, and actionable assessment report they have ever seen.

Our IT Risk Assessments Include:

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