Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Communicating security policies and procedures to employees, and getting their commitment to adopt them in their everyday working environment is an important and low cost way of lowering the overall risk of unauthorized access to IT systems that can lead to a data breach.

If each employee understands their role and the importance of IT security policies and procedures, the pieces of your IT security and regulatory compliance programs fall into place. When your staff knows the procedures to follow during systems failure or breach, it will be easier for them to get back to work with minimal downtime and the respective costs associated with an event or security incident can be reduced dramatically.

Workforce Security Awareness Training may include:

  • Training staff to use systems correctly;
  • Teaching staff how to carry out their day-to-day duties in a compliant fashion;
  • Training how tasks will be carried out manually if technology breaks down and who has the responsibility for oversight;
  • Training staff on information security best practices, including the use of email, software, the internet, the use of good passwords and the importance of following procedures for changing passwords on a regular basis;
  • Explaining and training management on getting “buy in” of the organization’s security program by involving the staff in regular reviews of corporate policy and procedures;
  • Establishing a train-the-trainer model for training of new staff members and for administering ongoing training and refreshers;
  • Obtaining a signed document from staff members acknowledging they received security and compliance awareness training;
  • Establishing a policy for training at least on an annual basis.

Loricca understands how to determine your organization’s unique training needs by first conducting a security assessment and reviewing existing policy and procedures. We also understand organizations are not static; continuous changes and new employees make it necessary for ongoing security policy and procedures training.

Loricca will create a role-based training matrix for your organization showing which training modules must be taken for each type of employee or workforce member. Our certified instructors can provide the training at your site or via the internet.

Contact Loricca TodayTo learn more about the training programs we offer and for help determining the appropriate training for employees at all levels of your organization, contact us today.

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