Security Event Monitoring


Security Event Monitoring

Loricca’s security event logging and monitoring service examines electronic audit logs for indications that unauthorized security-related activities have been attempted or performed on targeted IT systems or applications that create, process, transmit, receive or store business-sensitive and/or confidential protected information.

This IT Security service helps our clients understand when further investigation and proactive remediation may be required.  Effective logging and monitoring helps organizations protect confidential/sensitive/protected information and, through knowledgeable analysis, can also identify effective improvements to their overall IT security management programs.

Despite continuing advances in technology and implementation of security devices like firewalls and VPNs, most companies cannot adequately monitor the information coming from these devices.  Regular monitoring, along with virus scanning and network intrusion detection allow an organization to quickly address, mitigate and remediate new vulnerabilities and threats. Few organizations can afford to assign someone with the skills necessary to assess potential threats and allow them to dedicate enough time to doing so effectively.

Lack of sufficient monitoring can delay a time-critical response to malicious attacks and security events according to predetermined policy and procedure. For most organizations, internal 24 x 7 monitoring is too expensive, so the most effective alternative is to outsource the security management and monitoring to a company with the experience, expertise and track record to become a long term trusted resource for information security and compliance. Loricca provides a solution that is a combination of security information management and security event management, providing ongoing analysis of any security alerts while also generating reports for compliance program management and remediation purposes.

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