Business Continuity

Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity

Every business or organization hits bumps in the road from time to time. Whether a natural disaster, cyber attack, or an unintentional breach by an employee, these bumps can be minor hurdles or they can be catastrophic.  Planning is often the difference between an inconvenient glitch and a disaster.

Business Continuity planning evaluates your risks, the possible scenarios you could one day face, and the impact that could have on business operations. With this analysis complete, the next step is planning for redundancies and processes to react quickly and appropriately to an event or incident to return to functioning, and then to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Disaster Recovery Planning for Business Continuity

An effective BCP includes a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), which delineates an organization’s planned strategies for post-failure procedures and includes the process of handling external events that may negatively impact the organization.  A key component of DRP includes the completion of a detailed Business Impact Analysis (BIA).  Loricca’s BIA service will:

  • analyze your exposure to the sudden loss of critical business functions due to an accident, disaster, emergency and/or threat;
  • determine the information technology (IT) and business support resources required;
  • assess both financial and non-financial (customer service, public perception, market confidence, etc.) costs during business disruption.

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