Cloud Security

As more healthcare organizations and commercial companies migrate to the cloud, recognizing its advantages for accessibility and productivity, they must take proper steps to address the risks that cloud-based computing brings.

Why You Need It

Cloud-based computing is the direction that many healthcare organizations and commercial companies are taking for its ease-of-use and remote accessibility. However with it, comes the need for careful risk management and due diligence. With 21% of files uploaded to cloud-based file sharing services containing sensitive data1, and industry regulations mandating that companies know where their data is, who is able to access it and how it’s being protected—it’s paramount to implement a comprehensive cloud-computing security strategy. Without taking the proper steps or implementing the right security measures, your organization runs the risk of losing its critical data to cybercriminals, and bearing the consequences through lawsuits, costly remediation and worse. According to Gartner, through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault—and we don’t want that customer to be you.

How We Can Help

Whether as a one-time assessment or on an ongoing basis, our team will review and monitor your organization’s usage of the cloud to ensure it’s secure and protected from ransomware and cybersecurity risks. Our one-time assessments provide a thorough review of your cloud-computing security strategy, ensuring it’s properly setup, configured and safely accessible by employees, vendors and other people with access. Our ongoing cloud security services include access management, firewall protection, hosted applications security management, email and web security and more.

Our Cloud Security Services

  • Examine your cloud architecture and security
  • Assess your configurations and access controls
  • Review your firewall protection and applications
  • Determine opportunities to enhance your strategy
  • Identify the risks you face and how to address them



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