HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

Protecting sensitive information is a top priority for many healthcare organizations and vendors, especially with the recent rise of security breaches nationwide.


Several factors contribute to the growing concern of cyber threats, such as the use of cloud-based storage, mobile access to sensitive data and more advanced tools at the disposal of cyber criminals. To address these risks, federal compliance regulations require healthcare organizations to complete periodic security assessments.


Loricca’s HIPAA View Risk Assessment® and Actionable Findings Report provide you and your organization with the information needed to mitigate risk, prioritize compliance initiatives, increase awareness among staff and improve the overall security of your IT and business critical data.

HIPAA View Assessment®

Based on national standards, our HIPAA View Assessment® is streamlined to maximize our productivity on site. Contact us to learn more about our fast timelines and how our Actionable Findings Report focuses on quality, not quantity, fixes.

HIPAA View Remediation®

Our HIPAA View Remediation® mitigates risks altogether or reduces them to an acceptable level. Contact us to learn about our services, including IT security, compliant policy and procedure and training programs, among many others.

Our HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

  • Identifies security gaps within your organization
  • Determines overall security posture (technical, administrative and physical)
  • Includes network penetration testing (blind/internal/external) and vulnerability analysis
  • Documents threats and/or vulnerabilities with operations and IT security
  • Reviews existing corporate policies and procedures
  • Reviews DRP (disaster recovery plan) and business continuity
  • Provides detailed findings and recommendations with prioritized next steps
  • Includes knowledge transfer with key personnel and management presentation of findings

HIPAA View Methodology™

The HIPAA View Methodology® is our proven process for keeping healthcare organizations and their vendors compliant and protected from the cybersecurity risks of today and tomorrow.



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