Managed Security

Leave your big IT security management decisions to the professionals to be confident that your organization is setup, configured and safeguarded in the most strategic and objective way possible.

Why You Need It

Many small to mid-sized organizations have an IT leader or someone else in their organization that has been deemed the ‘technology person.’ Years ago when technology was not yet the epicenter of how we conduct business, including everything from your employee payroll systems to invoicing and communicating with your clients, this was acceptable. And for small to mid-sized organizations that are target for cyberattacks, having a professional IT security services company step in to make formal recommendations about their IT infrastructure is the first step they should take.

How We Can Help

Loricca’s Managed Security Services help healthcare organizations and commercial companies determine how their IT security should be structured based on industry risks and regulations, consumer needs and workplace productivity. As a product agnostic company, we’ll objectively recommend the products, services and vendors that would comprise the best IT security platform for your company, with specific attention to cost and results. Our team’s successful managed security engagements are tailored to the unique needs of each customer, and our capabilities aggregate our experience, resources and expertise in the technology field.

Our Managed Security

  • Assesses your organizations IT security infrastructure
  • Discusses your plans for future growth or expansion
  • Determines the right mix of products and services
  • Recommends products objectively and agnostically
  • Considers your industry, cost and need for results



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