Network Vulnerability Testing

Testing your network for vulnerabilities once per year is not enough. The frequency of cyberattacks is only increasing, and therefore companies both large and small need to be testing and protecting their network on a regular basis.


Recent reports state that cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world and one of the biggest problems with mankind.1 Criminals’ efforts to compromise your network and steal your data is relentless, and companies are often mistaken to think that testing their network once a year or every few years is enough. In today’s world, every so often is not enough. Cyberattacks are only occurring more frequently and on larger, more complex scales. Therefore, companies large and small need to test their network rigorously and often to keep up with machine and human hackers who evolve and advance their penetration techniques rigorously and often. The major vulnerabilities that organizations face include: a machine or human cybercriminal threating your company; your confidential data leaking on the web; a phishing site impersonating your brand or top-level executive staff being threatened online; mistaken or amateur infrastructure updates putting your network at risk; or sour former vendors or employees threatening to, or deciding to, penetrate your system and breach your confidential data.


The tactics and tools cyber criminals use are constantly changing. Criminals’ efforts to compromise your network and steal your data are relentless. To mitigate and manage this risk, we can assess the threats you face with Network Vulnerability Testing that reveals necessary security controls and protection methods to safeguard your company. At Loricca, we perform Vulnerability Tests on a regular basis to check for weaknesses in your organization’s network. Our regular checks aim to proactively identify and address obvious and hidden entry points for machine and human hackers. Our tests can be completed on a monthly, quarterly or continuous basis and are provided with comprehensive reporting on your organization’s IT performance and risks. We use a comprehensive arsenal of tools, techniques and decades of experience to ensure our tests dive deep, never missing a potential threat and keeping your organization safe.

Our Network Vulnerability Testing

  • Includes internal and external network vulnerability scanning
  • Can provide a clear picture of your network’s strengths, weaknesses and threats
  • Safeguards any weak or exposed areas from cyber criminals
  • Keeps your organization’s IT infrastructure updated and compliant
  • Maintains compliance relative to HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, FISMA, NIST, ISO and FFIEC, among others
  • Bolsters your IT security plan to prevent costly and reputation-damaging issues



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