Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability ManagementVulnerability Management & Assessment

As a business owner, or someone responsible for network security within your organization, you need to understand how to prevent attacks and eliminate network weaknesses that leave your business exposed and at risk. Whether your network consists of just a handful of computers or thousands of servers distributed around the world, Loricca can help.

Vulnerability management is an ongoing information security risk procedure that enables small and large organizations to effectively manage their IT security vulnerabilities and maintain control over their network security, mitigating network weaknesses before they can be exploited. Internal and external network vulnerability scanning is not the same as penetration testing, which is focused only on port-level and application-level scans to determine what services or ports are open, listening, and vulnerable to exploitation or penetration into the network. Completing a proper vulnerability assessment is essential to making the right decision for your company.

A continuous vulnerability management program is integral to reducing computer and network asset security risks. It becomes more intensive and complicated as organizations continue to expand, grow their IT infrastructures and implement additional web-accessed applications. As IT Directors and CIO’s direct their staff to improve security to try to thwart potential hackers, it is understood that they can’t catch everything, especially since security is only one of many hats that they wear on a day-to-day basis.

Loricca provides a more robust defense against security threats and vulnerabilities through its proven vulnerability management program that focuses on insider and outsider network and system attacks, malware, etc.  During the vulnerability assessment, identified vulnerabilities are prioritized based on which ones post the most immediate risk to the enterprise. Research over time has shown that effective vulnerability management programs require a preliminary understanding that vulnerabilities are the gateways through which threats are manifested.  Vulnerability assessment scans without any subsequent remediation have little to no value; and a little vulnerability scanning and remediation is better than a lot of vulnerability scanning and little remediation.

Loricca will help your organization exercise due diligence in its security vulnerability and compliance management.  One way we do this is to work alongside your staff to remediate the significant vulnerabilities right away and mitigate risk to the organization as soon as possible after the threats, weaknesses and vulnerabilities have been identified. If an organization has knowledge of significant vulnerability findings and does not remediate, the organization is not practicing due diligence.  If a data breach occurs and it’s traced back to a vulnerability that the company knew about but didn’t fix, the consequences can be paramount, since this could be factored into regulatory agency fines and other punitive damages.

Vulnerability management is an important part (but only one part) of a continuously effective security risk management program. If you do not know a weakness exists, you cannot begin to protect it. You have to start with a thorough and complete understanding of what’s on your network and the inherent risks associated with each device.  During an initial vulnerability assessment, Loricca will review network devices and computer assets within the enterprise because changes occur frequently in most organizations that may introduce new vulnerabilities. Within our Findings and Recommendations Report provided by Loricca each individual vulnerability is prioritized and assigned a risk severity level rating to assist in scheduling the appropriate risk response and subsequent remediation activities.

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