So much is written and discussed about cyber security and compliance today. It can be overwhelming and even discouraging when it seems there is a never ending list of threats and regulatory demands on your organization. Doing everything you think you need to do or would like to do is impossible.  At least today, all at once, it simply cannot be done. We work every day with healthcare organizations in the real world who are caught between budget, time, and manpower limitations on one side with compliance and the need for proactive security on the other. If we think of this tug of war as an equation, Loricca solves a few variables that help our clients solve the problems they face.

Compliance Begins with Risk Assessment

Compliance can be a tricky equation – and if your solution is incorrect, your organization will be graded on a tough scale. The consequences of a data breach or an unfavorable audit can be devastating. Like many math problems, finding the correct answer often depends on the solid fundamentals at the outset. A risk assessment is like the foundational math concepts – it lays the groundwork for the trickier, advanced questions you will face. Still, this step is often intimidating or avoided because it is expected to be time consuming and labor intensive.

While many companies try to manage a risk assessment in house this can be challenging for internal teams to take time away from critical day to day operations and who are unlikely to have the benefit of expertise with the risk assessment process. Internal teams rarely have the means or flexibility to objectively dig deep enough to gain a clear picture of the real risks the organization may be facing.

Many companies try to avoid the expense of a third party audit but the benefits of a regular, thorough, objective assessment far outweigh the upfront cost to engage expert help. Our risk assessment methodology helps clients through the process of risk analysis but also guides the organization toward next steps for greater confidence and peace of mind in your overall compliance stance.

Security Ends with Incident Response

It is easy to become consumed with the tools and technologies of security and to be wrapped up in the stipulations of compliance and still be unprepared for an incident or breach. It is impossible to mitigate or address every potential threat with the expanding, creative tactics of cyber criminals and the unavoidable risks associated with human error or even malicious internal actors. You can greatly reduce the potential of a breach but it would still be foolish to proceed without a plan for what should happen if an incident occurs.

It can be difficult to keep a plan up to date with the security environment of your organization. It is a challenge to keep employees trained and prepared to execute your plan as well. But, without making your organization’s incident response plan an ongoing priority, all of your other precautions and security measures may be undermined when an incident does occur. A solid, written, practiced incident response plan is the final variable that can save your organization from costly, even devastating damages or penalties following a breach.

Peace of Mind Begins and Ends with Reliable Intelligence

When you understand the potential risks and you have a plan in place to respond should you encounter a breach, you are better able to address what comes between. In the day to day, you need reliable intelligence and a clear understanding of what is going on within your network to achieve peace of mind in your organization’s security measures. We have put together powerful tools and years of expertise to provide our clients meaningful insights into day to day threats and a reliable means to track and manage events within the network. Vantage is a scale-able, customizable package of tools and services that provide affordable threat detection, documentation, and managed security that is often out of reach for all but the largest, most well resourced companies.

If you will be attending HIMSS16 in a few weeks, make plans to come see us at Booth 11552 to learn more about these variables and how Loricca can help solve your tricky compliance and security equations. Or contact us today to arrange a demo at your convenience.

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