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Loricca provides useful free tools to help you prevent and respond to ransomware attacks in your organization. Download our Ransomware Prevention and Response Policy, Ransomware Decision Guide, and Ransomware Prevention eBook for more guidance on these types of incidences.

Telemedicine Cybersecurity Guidance

This guide is intended to provide organizations with basic guidance for selecting telemedicine solutions to support patient care during the COVID-19 emergency.

Ransomware Prevention & Response Policy

This policy is intended to work with the Incident Response Policy and associated response plans but provides more detailed guidance focused on preventing and addressing ransomware incidents.

Ransomware decision guide

Use this guide to help you decide whether to pay the ransom in response to a ransomware incident. This guide is intended to be used with the Ransomware Response Plan and Incident Response Plan.

Ransomware Prevention Book

Download this ransomware prevention ebook to learn how to tackle ransomware troubles to protect your healthcare organization and the people you serve.

More Downloadable Resources

Cass Regional Medical Center Ransomware Case Study

Lessons learned from the ransomware attack on Missouri’s Cass Regional Medical Center

The Unnatural Disaster of Mat-Su Borough Case Study

Cyber attacks continue to rise and it’s clear that they hold the potential to create a malicious trail of short and long term troubles for the organizations that suffer them.