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Self Assessment HIPAA Compliance ToolCompliance is a Journey, Not a Destination

Hospitals and health organizations, along with their various vendors and “business associates” are all on the same journey toward HIPAA Compliance. The regulations are written in a way that allows each company or organization flexibility in determining the best path to compliance for them. Many may wish for a simpler, cut and dried list of do’s and don’ts or try to reduce compliance to a checklist that can be completed once and forgotten.  But the journey toward compliance is rarely a straight road from point A to point B. Compliance is a path each Covered Entity and Business Associate must chart for themselves.

Meeting the Challenges of Compliance

Managing the moving parts necessary for compliance is a challenge for organizations large and small alike. It is not enough to just take the right steps, Covered Entities and Business Associates must also be able to effectively demonstrate the steps they have taken toward compliance. Failing to effectively record and provide evidence of compliance can compound the consequences of any breach or confound your ability to respond effectively in the event of an audit.

Loricca’s Tools Manage, Maintain, and Demonstrate Compliance

weapons transA full risk assessment, as required by HIPAA can be a daunting task and the information gathering process may be challenging. Rather than waiting for the full assessment to be conducted (in most cases) annually, the Self-Assessment Module helps organizations maintain the necessary information, answer the critical questions, and update with changes as tools, systems, and circumstances evolve between assessments.

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For a large organization with many vendors (or even for a small one with just a few), this can be difficult to manage. The Vendor Management Module makes gathering and maintaining this information from Business Associates much more practicable.

More modules are under development and will work hand in hand together to provide your company more control, more effective management, and greater confidence in the components of your organization’s compliance and security.

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