ePHI ACCESS Monitoring

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has stated that Covered Entities and Business Associates are required to monitor and audit access to ePHI. Meeting this requirement has been difficult for many organizations that have used manual processes or ineffective technical solutions.

There is a better answer – one that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to minimize the workload and provide the confidence that your organization is meeting the day-to-day threats to patient privacy resulting from inappropriate access to ePHI.   

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have processes in place to investigate, resolve and document access to ePHI?
  • Can I detect unauthorized activity in a timely manner?
  • Do I have resources to review 100% of all types of access to PHI?

If the answer to any one of these is No, SPHER is the answer for you.

Loricca has partnered with SPHER to provide a comprehensive compliance strategy to meet the minimum necessary requirements of HIPAA, HITRUST and MACRA.  SPHER offers the most effective user access monitoring tool we’ve seen on the market.

What is SPHER ?

SPHER monitors, indexes, analyzes, predicts and correlates daily user activity data in a searchable repository from which you can navigate the dashboard to investigate alerts, interpret graphical visualizations and generate ad-hoc reports for internal and external HIPAA compliance reporting.

  • SPHER is the only SaaS-based End-to-End Privacy and Security Incident Management solution using Pattern Recognition technology. 
  • SPHER reviews user activity through behavioral analysis and the latest artificial intelligence to filter out false alarms.
    • Audits 100% of daily user activity. 
    • Reduces the number of alerts by 90%. 
    • Detects unauthorized access to ePHI.   
  • Realtime notification of suspicious behavior. 
  • SPHER scales from Private Practice to enterprise-level healthcare groups.

ePHI security made easy.


Because Privacy matters. SPHER is the front line defense against the day-to-day threats of patient privacy violations (PHI data breaches) resulting from inappropriate access to PHI. SPHER learns from your input and modifies the behavioral monitoring.  

  • Meets HIPAA Requirements.
  • Simple To Setup and Use.
  • Encrypted Secure Storage.
  • Continuous and Accurate.
  • EPHI Security Made Easy.
  • Prevent Major Breaches.
  • Reduce Risk.

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