Vendor Risk Management


Vendors are a vital part of your business success.  They supply products and services integral to operations and delivery of patient care.  These vendors’ access to sensitive data including electronic patient health information, (ePHI), or credit card information, (PCI), creates a significant risk to your organization.  Their company security program is an extension of your own program.  If they don’t have a good program that meets compliance standards it puts your compliance and security at risk.

Loricca’s Vendor Risk Management Program

We offer a comprehensive program for identifying and managing risks of third party vendors for information technology security and HIPAA Compliance.  Under the program we work with you to identify vendors that pose a risk to your organization’s ePHI, PCI or other sensitive data.  Once identified we will quantify the risk and evaluate the vendor for their IT security and compliance.

Know the risks and encourage your vendors to protect your organization’s sensitive data.