We believe every security program should put the business and its customers first.   Risk-based decisions that focus on the fundamentals of IT security and facilitate the business are more productive.    Having enough people with the right skills is essential.

Are you looking for an expert to support your security program?

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

Get an experienced team for less.  We can provide the support your organization needs.  Whether it’s strategic and operational leadership or performing the day to day tasks of managing compliance our team can do it.
medical device security

Start Up: Medical Devices 

A Start-Up company providing medical devices and services for home-based healthcare.   The current in-house team didn’t have the time or experience to write policies and build a HIPAA compliance program.  

Our team of experts:

  • Developed Security and Privacy policies for HIPAA compliance
  • Provided monthly updates on security roadmap
  • Software and network architecture reviews
  • Penetration testing
  • Conducted knowledge transfer 

They can now demonstrate compliance to customers and be confident their data is secure.

Patient  Engagement Software

Software company going to market with a robust patient engagement platform needed to establish a HIPAA & GDPR compliance program from the ground up.

Our team of experts

  • Developed the Compliance Program from scratch
  • Managed key vendors
  • Provided all compliance program documentation
  • Technical architecture reviews and security testing
  • Supported Sales activities

Our customer can now demonstrate compliance to customers and investors.  



Medical Technology Display

Critical Access Hospital

Our customer was a small rural hospital.  They had an unstable IT environment and the compliance program was lacking material requirements, both of which were impacting patient care.

Our team of experts

  • Developed Security and Privacy policies
  • Provided monthly status updates
  • Communicated with the Board and Public
  • Developed the compliance program
  • Assisted with technology decisions and implementations

This hospital has significantly reduced system downtimes and has a strong compliance program.  They have successfully weathered the loss of critical staff and environmental disasters while maintaining patient care standards.

Why Loricca?

Loricca empowers organizations to build confidence in their security and compliance programs.  Allows existing staff to focus on immediate priorities while knowing the details are being addressed.

We deliver cost-effective, meaningful, actionable results.



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