vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management

The best way to get a grip on the cost of a data breach is by finding out how the breach happened.

Assessing vulnerabilities and applying patches in real-time to business applications is critical to ensuring systems security. With vulnerability scanners, you can be on top of missing patches in your business environment in real-time. You get all the features you need to effectively harden your entire IT environment without all the complexity. Vulnerability Scanning with Loricca makes it easy to perform both internal and external scans. You decide when to scan, how frequently to scan, and which devices to scan. Results are available immediately upon scan completion – via a convenient online dashboard, or sent to anyone you want via email.

Vulnerability Scanning with Loricca is Automated. Set it up once, and it does the work for you.

  • It detects the issues.
  • It delivers the information you need to prioritize remediation.
  • It can create service tickets in your PSA.
  • It generates alerts
  • It can even tell you how to fix what it discovers

That means you don’t need more staff to keep up with new threats.

With almost 70 new hidden vulnerabilities identified every day, you would need to be a super hero with X-ray vision to find them all. Or, you can let Vulnerability Scanning with Loricca do it for you

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