Let us keep your Cloud applications in check

So you can focus on managing your business, not your SaaS application.

Why do you need 3rd Party Application Management? 


Where are we now:

With 99% of companies using at least 1 SaaS application and 80% planning to have all internal systems in the cloud by 2025, there’s no denying SaaS is here to stay — but how much is too much and how can organizations possibly keep track of them all?


The Shadowy Truth:

• 40% of corporate data uploaded to the cloud is sent through file sharing apps – typically free or low cost – putting your data at risk and you in danger of losing your reputation, or worse, your business.
• U.S. organizations wasted $30 billion on unused software over a 4-year period.
• 1/3 of security attacks will target Shadow IT this year alone.


What is the challenge:

With overlapping functions, siloed procurement, multi-year contracts, business owners are in the dark on what’s happening in their environments.
This new IT frontier is referred to as Shadow IT (SaaS applications in use without the knowledge or approval of your management team). These unsanctioned applications open your business up to a lot of security risks, and require significant time and money to manage.


Why change:

The more time you spend in the dark when it comes to what your team is using and how, the more you open yourself up to the risk of exposed data and skyrocketing cloud application costs. 

How we can help:

  • Provide accurate, real-time data
    on SaaS usage across all your employees.
  • Identify repeat offenders using unapproved
    cloud apps.
  • Categorize and see reports on apps
    by approval status, risk and productivity.
  • See who is using what and how often
    to help curb your shadow IT.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities through
    duplicate apps or unused licenses.
  • Ensuring staff are using the apps that
    are approved/compliant.
  • Block unapproved applications.


Shadow IT is your organization’s Achilles heel. 

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3rd party app management

Is Your Microsoft 365 Safe? 

Augment the Microsoft 365 security by establishing customized controls tailored to your organization. Provides visibility into unauthorized login attempts. 

Your Microsoft Account NEEDS PROTECTION! Keep your business’ M365 critical data safe.

We are here to help you find out what software you are
using today and to keep monitoring it tomorrow so you can reduce your risk and make more informed business decisions.

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